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A forced marriage involves a young person being told they have to marry even though they don’t want to.

There may be many reasons why young people are forced into marriage.

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I’d already seen my Dad put an axe to my sister’s throat when she’d refused to accept the forced marriage.” “A lot of girls have been taken out of education and kept prisoners in their own home,” says the FMU. They might be raped continuously until they are pregnant.

They may be told they’ll be cut off from the family, or that their parents will have a heart attack and die if they don’t agree to the marriage.” Yes, and the number is growing.

“Some women go through with the marriage out of fear.

“My Dad threatened me by saying ‘If you run away, we’re going to kill you’,” says Sarah*.

“I was only 15, and they were trying to force me into marriage with a man from Pakistan.

They are scared of being disowned by their family, perhaps even fearing physical abuse, and may feel they have a duty to their parents to go through with it.” Many young people are often tricked into marriage and have no idea it’s going to happen, says Rebecca.

“They may think they’re agreeing to a holiday in their parents’ homeland and suddenly find themselves in this chain of events over which they have no control.” Many girls and women forced into marriage suffer from sexual abuse and domestic violence.

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