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The committee entered so promptly into the work, that on the 30th March the following notice was published in the Courier: "The members of the fraternity of free and accepted masons within this city and vicinity, are requested to attend at Mrs. February last, relative to building a masonic hall. John's and Ui)i 111 Lodges, and moved in procession to the foundation of the masonic hall, corner of King and Charlotte streets, in the following order: Two Bugles.

John's and three from Union Lodge, was appointed to obtain information, and report at a subsequent meeting. Cock's, April 1st, for the purpose of receiving the report of a committee appointed on the 28th •30 FREEMASONRY IN NEW BRUNSWICK. 6S The lodge was opened in due form and soloninity, being attended by St.

John's " has been continued without change or variation ; and, in like manner, there has been no alteration in the time of holding the regular communications, i. The many serious fires by which large portions of the city of Saint John were, from time to time, laid waste, destroyed large accumulations of books and documents, public and private, of great value for his- toric and other purposes.

From April 2, 1802, the day on which the lodge was constituted, the original chartered name " St.

John Haws, Israel Merritt, John Thomas, (Jharles Johnston, William H.

Brethren and others to whom I have been obliged to apply, either personally or by letter, for information affecting the various umt Uin embodied in this volume, have reat:ster, .

That each share be made transferrable ; and should more money be re(iuired than the above mentioned sum, that the number of shares be increased. 38, or any other that may hereafter occupy the said hall, shall pay the sum of twenty pounds each as rent annually; and that the sum of ten pounds be paid annually by each royal arch chapter holding communications within the same.' " The report was signed by Nehemiah Merritt, chairman, Robert Robertson and William Durant on behalf of St. Peters, John Currie and James Hendricks on behalf of Union Lodge. That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the different public prints in this city.

conveniences and comforts of life, and preserve it from ruin Jinil decay to tlie latest posterity." I'pon which three huzzas wore again given and an anthem played. The Courier, in its issue of October oth, iniidc the following comment upon the demonstration : On Saturday last, the corner stone of the spacious and elegant building intended to be erected at the iiead of King street for a masonic hall, was laid with the usual formalities on such occasions, by the society of freemasons in this city. Peters "Kterri U" wn V)' (Iit'ir Tlugust *ii«lli,'Tge TTwentjnrvryoars.

e and oil, and with all the necessary 64 FREEMASONRY IN NEW BRUNSWICK. Williiun Campbell, was deputy grand master in New Brunswick, and officially entitled to conduct the ceremonial of laying the rcniiiins of the l i Uc Bro.


Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1895, , By W. Bunting, In the Office of the Minister of Agriculture at Ottawa.

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originally to publi Hli it, but have been perhaps overpersuaded by indis- creet friends), I have exiierienced a large measure of Hatisfaction in the perusal and deciphering of ancient books and documents, particularly those stored in the archives of the grand lodge of Nova Scotia.