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America american teenage dating behavior

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( D), focuses on teaching 11-to-14 year-olds healthy relationship skills before they start dating and on reducing behaviors that increase the risk for dating violence like substance abuse and sexual risk-taking.

Compared to students in schools with just standard prevention, youth at schools that used the comprehensive Dating Matters program were 8.3% less likely to perpetrate teen violence, 9.8% less likely to be victims and 5.5% less likely to use negative conflict resolution strategies, the study found.

“These skills include conflict resolution, healthy communication, and social and emotional skills, in addition to recognizing characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships,” Niolon said by email.(Reuters Health) - Middle schools that offer a comprehensive dating violence prevention program in every grade may have fewer youth involved in abusive relationships, a U. For the current study, researchers randomly assigned students at 46 middle schools to participate in three years of dating violence prevention programs for teens, parents and teachers or to receive only standard prevention classes in eighth grade. The goal of the program, called "Dating Matters," is to give young people, their families and their communities prevention strategies to help prevent teen dating violence. Many prevention programs target older teens, and often involve high school students being lectured in health classes.Similarly, a survey of college students in 2010 showed that more than half of students believe dating violence is difficult to identify and 58% of respondents said that they don’t know what to do to help.By talking to your children about dating violence and healthy relationships, you can help equip your teens with the knowledge they need to safely navigate dating relationships.

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“Dating Matters also teaches parents the importance of being health and relationship educators for their kids, and starting conversations about healthy relationships before they start dating.” Young people who participated in the Dating Matters program in the current study didn’t appear any less likely to engage in positive relationship behaviors than middle school students at schools without the program, researchers report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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