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Anthony weiner dating life

They asked the judge who sentenced Weiner to send him to FCI Schuylkill, in Pennsylvania, but the decision will ultimately be up to the Bureau of Prisons.

Levine is not optimistic about Weiner’s chances: “He cried in the courtroom. The inmate population will view him as a whiney, cry-baby bitch.

He admitted to engaging in “obscene communications” with a 15 year-old girl, knowing she was 15.

According to federal prosecutors, he “used graphic and obscene language to ask the Minor Victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did.”While most non-violent federal offenders who received light sentences such as Weiner’s go to so-called minimum security "Club Fed" Federal prison camps, Weiner's crime could be classified as a sex crime, according to Larry Levine, a former federal prisoner who operates Wall Street Prison Consultants, a service that advises people headed to federal prison on how best to survive.“He will never see a minimum security camp," Levine says.

Martinez adds that “rich white men” like Anthony Weiner “are the ones who make laws that impact people of color who live in underserved communities.” “They never take the time to learn from us,” she says.

“This will be his chance to do so and maybe share his knowledge with his friends and relatives when he is released.”Chandra Bozelko, 45 was the first incarcerated American to have a regular newspaper column, in the New Haven Independent.

When I was a prisoner, some inmates shared sensitive legal documents, including pre-sentencing reports and police reports to prove they did not snitch, or that they were or weren't part of a specific gang, or that they did not commit a particular crime.

He and I were standing backstage as Hillary Clinton addressed the delegates, conceding her loss to Barack Obama.

Maybe, he’ll get out in one piece."When I was away, or “Up North” as we called it in New York, we called sex-offenders “tree jumpers” or “rape-o’s.” Pedophiles were “baby rapers.” There were also “booty bandits” — men who preyed on weaker men for sex, usually by promising to protect them from other prisoners. A sex-offender might be able to convincingly explain what happened, but there was no accepted excuse for snitching.

In June the Wall Street Journal reported that roughly 700 government witnesses and informants had been threatened or wounded in prisons over the last three years, with 61 of them being murdered.

Huma followed, but her face was placid as she scanned the crowd for Weiner.

I had my camera in my hands, ready to capture what I envisioned would be a touching, tender moment.

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Weiner should make copies of his paperwork and hand it out, especially given that federal prosecutors noted that the 15-year-old victim in his case approached Weiner to “somehow to influence the U. presidential election, in addition to securing personal profit.” The victim sold her story to the Daily Mail for $30,000, and to Inside Edition for $10,000, and is currently shopping it to publishers, according to the federal government.