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Camfor free

We kept getting questions from people who weren't our customers but wanted to use Carbide Create. " So here's the deal- use Carbide Create and enjoy it.(Please send us photos of what you make with it.) If you decide to upgrade your CNC, consider one of ours.We make great desktop CNC machines and CNC Routers but the machines themselves are only part of the equation- they need software to go with them.

This application builds upon years of product innovation development of Mec Soft’s flagship desktop product.

(Let's face it, if you're looking for CAD/CAM for the Mac, your options are limited) Why are we against the cloud? Load a background image so you have a reference for your design.

Because it locks you into a vendor- their availability and their willingness to continue providing the software. Wether you're looking to just make sure the parts are in proportion or you need to carfully trace an image, this will be a huge feature for you.

For CNC milling in 3 Axis, Visual CAMc provides Horizontal Roughing (also called Z-Level Roughing) and four finishing strategies including Parallel Finishing, Horizontal Finishing, as well as Radial and Spiral finishing.

Visual CAMc supports indexed machining with the use of multiple Setups.

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