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He won 15,121 votes — a 41.8 per cent share of the valid votes.Liberal candidate Paul Watson came in second with 32.1 per cent. The turnout in the 2011 general election was 36,427 — about 49.4 per cent.The whole ethos of our training is to offer courses that fit your needs.We can train those with no experience in Beauty, offer advanced courses to Qualified therapists/Stylists and refresher courses for anyone wanting to update their skills.

For animals who are elderly or have health or behaviour issues, we offer them a permanent home in our rescue’s foster program where they live out their lives never worrying about food, love or shelter ever again.

Chatham Kent Animal Rescue, (aka CK Animal Rescue), Charitable No. Our office is located Chatham, Ontario and serve all of southwestern Ontario, Canada. Our rescue depends on fundraising events, donations and adoption fees to pay our operating costs and vetting for all our dogs, cats and small animals.

All of our adoptable dogs and cats live in foster homes as family members until we are able to help them find their forever homes.

The provincial electoral district of Chatham-Kent-Essex includes Chatham southeast of the Thames River, as well as the entire Town of Leamington.

It is bordered by the ridings of Essex to the south, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex to the west, and Elgin-Middlesex-London to the north.

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I have had countless jobs in my life time but this is the best job I ever had (and I don’t get paid for it ). I first started working with CK Animal Rescue back in 2013. What impressed me most was that a home visit volunteer came to my house to ensure that the dogs in the rescue’s care would be safe and well looked after.

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