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No one teaches us healthy relationship skills and how to handle conflict in a healthier way.

If you’re ready to make a positive shift in your love life, I’m here to help.

Now she is at a party surrounded by attractive, single men.

Any one of those men could be the man of her dreams.

Maybe you were in love or were on a great vacation. Maybe you were just dumped by someone or just got fired from your job. It’s about continually putting yourself in a position to learn and stretch into positive change.

When you understand that, there is little you can’t accomplish in life.

One last thing, you are a special person who deserves the very best out of love and life.So because she is being herself and standing in a corner do you think Ashley is putting herself in a good position to find that special someone? When you or anyone else enter a situation like a cool party you want to be the very best person “you” can be.You want to show the people in that room the very best of my best self, be your best self, break ups, Dating, dating advice, Dating Coach, dating tips, dating your best self, divorce, divorced, heart break, personal development, relationship skills, self love, single dad, single mom, single parents, single parents dating Before I became a Master Certified Relationship Coach and a happily married woman, I was single and going from one horrible relationship to the next. I finally decided to change things up and become the very best ME by learning everything I could about myself, my strengths, my flaws, and all that I could in the relationship department.I had friends, family, people that loved and cared for me say the same thing… So one day, I asked myself, “Why am I so unlucky in love? And I began Conscious Dating and everything changed, including the sentence that not only changed my life but can change yours too.

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If you are ready to make the positive changes in your life and begin the work it takes to become the very best “you,” that you can be, then I ask you what is one thing you’re willing to do today that get’s you one step closer.