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Dating polish and slovakia woman

In the famous "Vanda", all the fashionable women of the Soviet Union bought Polish cosmetics, handbags, handkerchiefs from Poland.The Cosmetics Pollena and Pani Walewska was considered the best possible gift to offer - if there were no French counterparts, half of a country smelled the perfume "Maybe" of a small bottle neck narrow ... Many Polish women recall the German with a fleshy nose and a big mouth (although such a description can be scary, women of this type are pretty good physically - to remind Barbara Brylska of the popular film in her youth "Ironically, or enjoy your bath! On average, Poles seem older than Russian women of similar age.

For the Russians, a few decades ago, Polish women were the norm of elegance and style.And there are not really so many beauties per square kilometer that you will find in Russia. The first thing that catches your eye is the posture: most Polish girls have their shoulders straightened, even backwards.Formerly there was even a saying: "The border between the USSR and Poland is the easiest to recognize by the posture of women." Polish women are not only sure of themselves, but extremely confident: 81% consider themselves extremely attractive physically.The best praise in this case comes from the lips of her husband (The Pan): "Honey, you are so beautiful, even if you do not have makeup." The lip gloss has almost completely supplanted the traditional lipstick: it is much easier to apply and faster, there are many shades, and a light and transparent base gives shine and chic to the most neutral makeup.Therefore, it enjoys a particular popularity among Polish girls: the soft lips create a feeling of freshness and youth.

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Young girls feel what it means to be a Pani with a capital letter because they have been so used to it.