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EDIT: I tend to bring up exclusivity y/n early on so I know where I stand!

The key is to actually discuss it and not assume you're on the same page! I've become curious about this recently, having up until the last few months been in a number of long relationships. We had a nice time, slept together, we chat and will probably see each other again though not imminently. However, if I ever was, I would stop seeing other people if and when we had a conversation about exclusivity and decided to be monogamous.From there a relationship sparks but one secret could mean disaster for these fated lovers.When legendary gambler Golden Hands Segal suffers a fatal heart attack at the craps table in Las Vegas, his grandson Freddy Meingold and boyhood pal Spencer Ragusa have less than 24 hours to retrieve the body for burial in New Jersey. She decides she'd like more sexual experiences before settling down with the man she loves, so she convinces Ed they should "see other people" (as in, sex with strangers), even as they continue to live together and plan the wedding. Each knows someone who thinks this idea is cool; each has a friend who thinks they're nuts.

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The quality of the dialogue and the ease with which the actors execute a huge range of awkwardness, heartbreak and comedy is so rare these days--I felt that the actors must have really enjoyed participating in something this rich.