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Dating silvertone acoustic guitars

Sears also sold a number of non-stringed instruments under the Silvertone name, such as electronic organs and chord organs manufactured by the Thomas Organ Company, and harmonicas made by the Wm. Rights to the Silvertone brand were purchased by Samick Music Corporation in 2001.In 2013 Samick released the Silvertone Classic series; reissues of the original Silvertone models from the 50's and 60's.Now if you happened to look in the Sears catalog in the fall of 1969, you would’ve seen this nice guitar on page 929!This somewhat fancy guitar was simply called the “Double Pickup”, but it’s more commonly known by the Sears order number, 1460L. Of course the Silvertone brand is legendary, but by 1969 it was a fading name.Man, I just love the old Sears catalogs because they’re like a little time capsule of sorts, encompassing pop culture, technology, and fashion…of course GUITARS!I know many of you remember the days of the Sears catalog.He tuned it quick and strummed a few chords and it sounded good.

To assure you have everything you need to get started, Silvertone also includes a digital guitar tuner, guitar carry gigbag, guitar strap, strings, picks and a handy chord chart. On time and no damages, not that less than traim wreck could have harmed it.wrapped inside the factory box then inside larger box with what seemed miles of paper wadding for bought from other online retailers and product barley in one box on arrival The guitar came in "perfect" condition.This guitar cost and change back in 1969, and the model didn’t last more than a year. Only one guitar in the catalog was made in the USA (the 1485) and all the rest of the electrics were made in Japan.Just one of the many short-lived models of the time, this guitar was a victim of the sagging guitar market and the many factories that were closing in Japan. When I first got this guitar, I was sorta shocked at its light weight.The first two models released were the 1303/U2 (originally manufactured by Danelectro) and the 1478 (originally manufactured by Harmony), followed by the 1449 (also known as the "Amp-in-Case" model, originally manufactured by Danelectro), and the 1423 Jupiter (originally manufactured by Harmony).The reissues are not exact replicas, but are modeled and engineered as close to the originals as possible (using vintage models to compile the actual specifications).

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I just wish the return policy would be a little longer since I did purchase this for a Christmas present and ordered a little early in case there was a problem "I've ordered from ZZ for a few years now, and have had ZERO problems with either the service or the products they sell.