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Dating site sex yflirt

Ask for Pay O- Vac Leak Proofs GUARANTEE on every Ray- O -Vac Leak Proof: 44 If your ll&Shligbt damaged by corrosion, leakage or swelling of this battery, send it to us with the batteries and we wi U give yon free a new, comparable fl&ahlight with batteries," 1D49 EJY RAYn O-Vft C COMPANY, MAOISM*. Even such drastic punishment can’t stop this Seiberling Scaled -Air Tube with patented Bulkheads. It'* s.nii,- for many more- thousands of miles of driving. When the boot is soiling, the leeboard is vertical 1 Stepping the round mail of the Sabot is simple. t-* Si**h ftr*..-', M 1 * Pi »W It Xlt« i diameter Spo L Reticle* □« .

Only ftay-O-Vac builds batteries with all four of these safeguards. Each Ray-O* Vac Leak Proof starts with a powerful, well made battery. But the tubes do not go Unit need tig rtpdirs/ 2, Here, big torture knives cut deep two-inch gashes. ^ethcrllng Sealed-Air Tube bring removed from tire for inspection after being pierced with more nails than you'll tier pick u p, Each ranged "rubber met" marks a spot where tube has permanently repaired itself! F-'iv wij-i'il pp Bccprid Matter hi Post titlin' llr-pl.. Barrel length 24 r 'i overall length 45"; weight approx. The photo below shows the 1 h- board which provides the keel effect for the craft.

The ""Speed Changer* is simple to install* too — right in your New Departure Coaster Brake f Ask your bicycle dealer about it today f On your new bike insist on America’s favorite Mc Grady's boat locked tight in ic#-dad Snake River A S SEQUELS to our story in February of the “Hef Ts Canyon Mailman,” come these letters from George Shrove of the KRLC radio station newsroom at Lewis^- ton, Idaho: “To the Editor: We read your recent item about Kyle Me Grady, the Snake Riv- er mailman from Lewiston, and enjoyed it very much. ]£ "Lease tell me more «Ikfui Pyroi L rtn J how Ll tait Him frn me. The rest of the nearby ice began sinking and the water rising until the boat was freed about mid- night, Mc Grady brought the undamaged boat home, f Bert Zimmerly, the mercy flyer who had carried freight to Mc Grady’s customers during the latter’s freeze-up, was flying to Lewiston from Spokane the evening of February 17, He was found dead beside his badly wrecked plane five miles south of Pullman, Wash.* the next afternoon. The reason for using such a small course is that it requires more skill to round the buoys several times to cover a given dis- tance than to sail over a longer course only once or twice.

Ward Rodio-Televi lion, Electronics Editor Frank L. The new RCA Victor automatic record changer holds up to 10 of the new rec- ords — J hour and 40 minutes of playing time— and can be attached to almost any radio, phono- graph, or television combination. There is no opening back of ejection port to permit dirt-fouling. Always provided that the rewards were good— a salary of 53,000 to $ 10 , 000 ? Just suppose you were permitted to work in a large accounting house under the personal supervision of an expert accountant Suppose, with his aid, you studied accounting principles and solved problems day by day —easy ones at first — -then more difficult ones. Indeed, many La Salle graduates have paid for their training — with increased earnings— before they have completed! For accountants, who arc trained in organiiatio O and management, are the executives of the future. Specifications for the Sabot are stipulat- ed by the yacht-racing union and the man- ufacturers are not permitted to vary from them by more than a quarter of an inch.

The record is of non -breakable vinyl plastic, wafer-thin, Yet it plays as long as a conventional 12-inch record. Marlin's new bolt and receiver design is virtually foul-proof! | Naw catalog p Eut sontpfa pock Tho Marlin ffrearmi Co*. Still, wouldn't it be worth your while to sacrifice some of your leisure in favor of interesting home study —over a comparatively brief period? Very possibly they can be t Wh* not, like so many before you, investigate La Salle's modern Problem Method of training for an acco u n ta ncy pcfii Lion ? The only answer, as you know, is that success Joes come to the man who is really framed* It’s possible your employers will notice your improvement in a very few weeks or months. Send me without obligation, "'Account- ancy, tine Prof cm ion r Jt Jt Pays" training program — alio "Ten Years' Promotion m One." Name ... Other qualities w r hich Sabot owners like to point out are that it can be rigged in a matter of seconds, that it tows beautifully without any tendency to yaw, that it has a high resale value because it is a standard design and that it is one of the sturdiest of craft despite its small size and lightness. G*mp Healer, dr gio-Fo, Lq-bi^-ped with Slill Railt*. ]«** Slerl Pot *nr(wid in copper e Le* iptnt* In* lmloiat and cpriiu.-i', hoar.

In situa- tion i where Mfe may hang by a thread, the best equipment must be found. The water dissolves the pellets forming suds that re- move dirt and grime. It was the glory of a summer sunset color- ing the water, the dimple of feeding bass, the little rings spreading over tho golden red surface of the bay. Croix Crab, 15— Rex Spoon Minnesota, to the colorful flats of Florida, If you want action in fishing, none of that sitting all day soaking live bait, give bait casting your best efforts, If you want ac- tion from a fish that leaps, rears, flips and bucks, try your luck at bass fishing. :- bed 5 i': Ouinal£r 3 J italic Hc Ufc Cldf W RHa $Vt WARM-UP SATIN JACKETS . r jsljjy I 1 V Ti»-,i tin —im IT,™ u'-'V F.,"h ' It KMt).

Par Q detailed repart, turn to page 118, 3*4 ml Eahmt monthly hy Po PVi#r Mc«h«mifl Company, Jim 1 -:, Ontario Si,, CJil.^i'ii H. The suds are then rinsed from the surface and the car dries clean. Xp^ d i ' IT WAS THE PLACE and time a bass * fisherman finds only in his dreams. It was the roll of dorsal fins, the lusty slap of a forked tail, the sudden leap of a heavy fish at a minnow skipping across the surface of the water. Any kind of bass fishing will do, whether it be for white bass, spotted bass, largemoutfr bass or srmllmouth bass.

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