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Dating someone on probation

Usually it takes about 21 days for the offender to receive a Notice of Action advising them of the official decision. Case Managers will have a copy of the form used for appeal. offenders may appeal decisions revoking their parole or supervised release. In most cases, any legitimate employment is normally acceptable.After receiving the appeal, the National Appeals Board may affirm, reverse or modify the Commission's decision, or may order a new hearing. Decisions granting or denying parole for prisoners sentenced under the District of Columbia Code may not be appealed to the Commission. Full time work is preferable to part time work; work done continuously at one location is generally better than work in which it is necessary to travel.

He/she can also discuss the possibility of reviewing the offender's file at some time other than just before the parole hearing.

If a recommendation is not provided, the Examiner may refer the case to the Commission's Office for further review.

All recommendations made at the hearing are only tentative as another examiner review is required before a final decision is made. Within 30 days of the date on the Notice of Action, the offender may file an appeal with the National Appeals Board.

There is no rigid rule that requires parolees to reside in their home, if they have one, or that they cannot be paroled if they do not. Parole is the release of a prisoner to supervision in the community after he/she has completed a part of his/her sentence in an institution.

Can an offender be allowed to see his or her file before the hearing?

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May the offender bring someone into the hearing room?