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The trick now is implementing the ideas and developing the discipline to save.

This book was literally a "life saver" tossed to us by heaven in the midst of a RAGING storm!

It has helped millions of families get rid of debt and change their lives forever with its simple, practical seven-step plan. By getting to the heart of your money problems: You.

Dave condenses his 20 years of financial teaching and counseling into 7 organized, easy-to-follow steps that will lead you out of debt and into a Total Money Makeover.

We have the best selection of high end cans in the market, and are paying the absolute top price for old Beer cans or soda cans, and any vintage Beer signs.

We are buying single cans that you may have found while remodeling, or entire Beer can or Soda can collections.

Keeping my nose in it, keeps me really motivated and focused.

I'm astounded at how life changing it really is!

In fact it's the ONLY one sitting on my nightstand beside my Bible.I am the web master, I also do many of the beer can Appraisals.My specialty in pricing cans is Opening Instruction cans, and most flat tops.) has been collecting beer cans since 1974, and is BCCA #29702.We were DROWNING in a sea of debt and considering bankruptcy. I thought it was one of those "get rich quick schemes" but I quickly discovered it was quite the opposite. I was sick and tired of living pay check to pay check on a combined income of over 0k a year. I borrowed her copy, read it in three days and my life has never been the same!We have "lived like no one else" and faced opposition from our broke friends but we are now DEBT FREE, have an emergency fund, and paid CASH for a car. I am proud to say that I have never felt so in control in my life. In six years we will have cleared over 0k of debt and I cant wait to call the radio show and announce, we're debt free! After reading the book we found that we have made nearly every mistake with money that a person can make.

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If we have the cash to pay for things who cares what a credit score is.

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