Dns slave server not updating

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By using slave servers, you can improve response time and reduce network overhead by spreading the load over multiple machines.

Slave servers also provide redundancy in case the master server is not available.

After restarting named service, Check zone files on slave dns server at /var/named/chroot/var/named/slaves/.

Any changes done on Master will reflect on slave after a specified time interval.

The main difference between master and slave DNS server is that the master DNS server reads data related to the domain zone and communicates with the slave DNS server while the slave DNS server is a server that obtains zone data from the master DNS server immediately after being set up.

DNS is a server that converts the domain names to corresponding IP addresses. The server administrator can configure a DNS to be master or slave.

This article will help you to How to Setup Master Slave DNS Server on Cent OS 6 and RHEL Systems.

Now you know what a DNS zone is and the difference between these two types – Master DNS zone and Slave DNS zone.

For any additional questions about your DNS infrastructure, you can contact our customer support.

When starts, it requests all the data for the given zone from the master.

The slave server then periodically checks with the master to see if it needs to update its database.

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The master server sends its data and delegates authority to the slave server.

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