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But he soon had his heart broken when his then-boyfriend split with him as his partner didn’t like the fact that Duncan was a closeted bisexual.And It was finally in 2009 when Duncan couldn't hide the truth and came out as bisexual to the world.While Duncan had already accepted himself, he was still unsure of opening up to the world, so when he was dating his boyfriend, people were linking him to Geri Halliwell.The fact that he was now surrounded by rumors regarding an affair with Geri Halliwell was a perfect cover to hide his sexuality.He had a ton of Catholic guilt and thought ‘God would punish him for being gay.’ But he soon realized that he couldn't deny his own nature and accepted himself as gay.

Clicked on a Daily Mail article about Duncan James & his new boyfriend to find all the comments were really positive and heartwarming. (@GNRTNWhy Me) July 21, 2019James had long been afraid to come out of the closet but is now “happy in my skin” and “proud to be gay” after finding love with his muscular new boyfriend.

English singer Duncan James went through a storm of insecurities while accepting himself as gay and even had his heart broken by his companion who was supposed to support him.

But he soon identified himself to the world and came out with a new boyfriend. Duncan James is known by many as a member of the boy band.

Unfortunately, the 40-year-old singer didn’t get the expected attention with his solos, so he dropped from recording contract in 2007.

Since then Duncan has been appearing in the television industry a lot more from appearing in concert series.

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According to an interview he gave to Gabby Logan on BBC Radio 5 Live on 28 July 2007, he is a great-grandson of Herbert Chapman, the manager of the Arsenal football team of the 1930s.

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