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, 13 representatives from various different professional fields met with the same number of CEPLAS early career researchers at the “Haus der Universität” in Düsseldorf.The aim of the CEPLAS Career Speed Dating is to give early career scientists the opportunity to learn about professional careers in- and outside academia, and to help them in making their own career plans.In a study led by Harvard University's Kevin Kit Parker, microfluidics and human, insulin-producing beta cells have been integrated in an "Islet-on-a-Chip".The new device makes it easier for scientists to screen insulin-producing cells before transplanting them into a patient, test insulin-stimulating compounds, and study the fundamental biology of diabetes.

There are similar challenges and questions along the road of our career.

The meeting started with introductions of all invited speakers where they gave short, very personal insights into their career paths and on the decisions, hurdles and curiosities they encountered during their career.

After the presentations, representatives and researchers came together for individual short face-to-face meetings, where they were completely free to discuss whatever was relevant to them.

The unique rise of Pro Wein began 25 years ago: with a concept that includes a deliberately controlled, sustainable growth, Pro Wein is the top-event of the industry. The globally most comprehensive trend barometer of the International Wine Business is now available.

Commissioned by Pro Wein for the second time, the Geisenheim University has again surveyed numerous wine producers, intermediates and marketers to summarize the most important facts and insights for the complete value chain of wine.

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The device, tested in mice and human skin samples, is an advance toward developing a vaccine to treat melanoma and has widespread applications for other vaccines.