Elli19 chat request

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Elli19 chat request

128MB OPTICAL INTERNAL ....£849 128MB OPTICAL EXTERNAL ...£999 128MB 3.5" OPTICAL DISK .£39.95 SCSI CONTROLLER A2000 ....,.£129 VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM 1 External hard drive for the Amiga 500. 1MB X 8 SIMM £30 4MB X 8 SIMM £POA SIMM 32 X IMB-60 GVP ...£59 SIMM 32 X 4MB-60 GVP £ 1 79 SIMM 32 X 4 ,£159 SIMM 32 X 8 £369 256K X 4 DRAM £5 1MB X 1 ORAM £4.50 1 X4ZIP £14.95 1 X4DIP ....£19.95 PCMCIA 2MB £149 VI .3 KICKSTART ROM „.£24 V2.04 KICKSTART ROM £32 FATTER AGNUS 8372 £30 BIG FAT AGNUS 8375 £40 MI'Kc S P* INI 5c ,*.-.**,*.* ,*,*?Your Amiga needs to be opened, this moy effect your warranty). Your Amiga needs to be opened, this may effect your warranty). .-------** .£49 A5DD MEP10RY CARD ' ■ 4 Chip 512K RAM expansion with or wilhout battery backed clock.

Mot only thai, bul we've also ggl the WORLD'S FIRST hands-on test of Commodore's new GD3?£1 19 f UCXER FREE Vl Df O 2 £185 CTRIC FINGERS CLUB ■ "•* Power BBS is a bulletin board service. Speeds up to 16.8K SUPRA HOUEHS 1 31 FAX MODEM £1 19 PSU, CABLE AND SOFTWARE) FAX MODEM 32BI5 ....£249 HOME I1LISIC KIT •OME MUSIC KIT .....£69.95 INTERFACE £1 5.95 A 0 EC accderalor.80MB HD 0MB RAM £549 1 60MB HD 0MB RAM ..£649 200MB HD 0MB RAM ............£699 68882 UPGRADE KIT £224 GVP SERIES E HD Fil 1 28MB on one Optical disk. £599 EACH 1MB X 8 SIMM £30 CHIPS AND SPARES 1 We stock a wide range of parls and spares.reviews, opinion and step -by-step guides, plus a comprehensive look at advanced animation techniques.Desktop animation is a growth area lor the Amiga a| the moment, and Peter Lee and Nick Veiled detail the latest advances as well as taking a look at same of the more popular programs, If you've always wanted la make your DPaint malchslich men come to life, this is how to do ill Talking of Nick, this is his last issue as CU Amiga's Technical Editor He's laken the filthy lucre of a rival mag and departed lor pastures new. NEXT ISSUE ON SAIE 19THSEPT ■HHM Dun S ngifiv MUTT HUTOt ton Sbcn Tiemt- uinrm Nci Vnifch n o c ucnqw If Lm Cotrn IMW Wff Ttt Tmy Honjr MOW MIT MNM Gonton Borrcli 1KWKU ADVl KMt* Mot fc-o Ort)*U S Jtfn Kerno*,' Ht K CQIMMUB Knrny Gj MN HMMt to Wilflkjw «MW M. I ABC 96, 235 July-Dec 1992 •" *™ lows COVERDf SKS PRODUCTIVITY REVIEWS In the worlds most informative Amiga review section, this month we've got a round-up of five new monitors, and a dose scmtinisation of Technosound Turbo II We also give you the low-down on the latest update of Macro System's Retina, plus a massive feature with all you could possibly want to know about data storage, and all the usual expert reviews of the latest hardware and software to be released for your favourite computer 90 SUPERSOUND 4.12 91 POWERFONTS 91 HOME MUSIC KIT 91 BOREALIS JUNIOR 92 PERSONAL PAINT 94 AMOS PRO COMPILER 99 TECHNOSOUND TURBO II 101 BUYER'S GUIDE TO MONITORS 104 VIDEO FRAME MACHINE 107 RETINA UPDATE 100 MASS STORAGE FEATURE 124 BUYER'S GUIDE TO JOYSTICKS A! Can AGA Personal Point best the *h**r powat *rtd ritiibiliiy Ctl OPainr? Real time video frame grabbing Is one at the ma*t *» fliirtfl di Mrtriop«™rni* In Antfg* graphics Find oul how Video frame Macm Vw ahape* up an page 104. The official Star Trek game has finally made it to the Amiga - well r almost We lift the lid in a special two -page Work in Progress feature, Soccer Kid also makes his debut this month - find out whether we give it a good kicking or page 58. Beam down Id page 48 lor a good gawp at IN* forthcoming Sitr Tr** a *"»*- Yet again CU AMIGA brings you not one but two stunning free disks!

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"o :fiali*si M His evtt Fmpffe Qaaaroy the Emfii'ri ar»'"ti Sfjtis»e weapon ' •Blanrjrtos Tyranny, Ccmpa Mttes f MCGA. i mamwy r*q u inw J 64(k sral i Dwiwiy Bark Driw roqun Wl. Pro Audio ■kaacaun and fteiand Do* 3 1 en higrwi « 1 £ 1 5 EPSON GT-h SOO 1__ High resolution 24-bit colour flatbed scan- rung from Epson. Scan up to A4 in size on this 300 DPI scanner, Comes with Power Scan software or ASOG software.