Examining dating and frienships liquidating distribution tax treatment

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Examining dating and frienships

Those featured in the wedding party photos were of black, white and Asian origin or what Berry classified as “other” race.To say that Berry’s results were eye-opening would be an understatement.But even in diverse settings, interracial friendships tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Census Bureau collect data on interracial marriage, there’s no definitive way to determine how common interracial friendships are.Racial stereotypes and prejudice inevitably color how different racial groups perceive each other, resulting in divisions that pose challenges to potential cross-cultural friendships. Simply asking people if they have a friend of a different race has also proven to be ineffective given that the public is likely to include mere acquaintances as friends in an effort to appear well-rounded and open-minded.The demographer found that just 3.7 percent of whites were close enough to their black friends to include them in their wedding parties.

Berry reasoned that people typically include their closest friends in wedding parties, leaving little doubt that the members of such parties would be true friends of the bride and groom.Researchers then asked participants to describe the race, gender, educational background and other characteristics of their confidants.Twenty years from now the amount of Americans involved in interracial friendships will surely increase.There was a kind of possessiveness to it, a feeling that we both wanted to be each other’s go-to person, even if we weren’t together.We both dated other people during those three years, but he was still my first phone call when my grandfather had a stroke, and when I got my first job offer.

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