Feroe dating terminating and liquidating a non qualified plan

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The Viking settlers established their own parliament called "ting" around 800.

Local tings were established in different parts of the islands.

In 1816, two years later, the Faroes were made into a Danish County and the old parliament was abolished.

The Danish Governor became the highest authority in the Faroes.

Because the islands are so close to the Arctic Circle, the amount of daylight varies by season.

The sun sets briefly each night in June, so there are several hours of twilight, before the sun comes back up again.

In 1849 the Danish parliamentary constitution was made to apply in the Faroe Islands.

For generations the locals have lived off the land and the animals that are on the islands as not much grows in this climate.

About 19,870 people live in the metropolitan area which comprises Tórshavn, Kirkjubøur, Velbastaður, Nólsoy, Hestur, Koltur, Hoyvík, Argir, Kaldbak, Kaldbaksbotnur, Kollafjørður, Signabøur and Oyrareingir (Tórshavn Municipality).

About 4,700 people live in Klaksvík, the second largest town in the islands.

There are bus rides, horse trekking, mountain hikes and boat trips which allow you to enjoy the magnificent wild green landscape.

Sometimes the summer fog creates a mystical landscape, in which you may vividly imagine the great history and mystical stories belonging to the islands. The tranquillity of the islands are great if you want to escape from big city madness.

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