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Fluoridating remineralizing of enamel

As an alternative means of separating a soluble calcium salt, a soluble orthophosphate salt, and a soluble peroxide prior to use, these components may be provided in a tooth whitening and remineralizing composition comprising solid particles, such as a powder composition.

In particular, without being bound by theory, it has now been determined that (i) peroxide in solution may be stabilized in the presence of orthophosphate ion and/or in a composition at acidic p H, (ii) conversely, in order for peroxide to become activated for tooth whitening upon use, it may be destabilized by removing the soluble orthophosphate ion and/or increasing p H, and (iii) calcium orthophosphate solutions at high concentrations suitable for tooth remineralization may be stabilized at acidic p H and precipitated onto the tooth surface by increasing p H.

For example, most professional products containing peroxide must be stored at cold temperature and/or have limited shelf life due to peroxide degradation.

When peroxide is used as the whitening agent, its stability in an oral composition is a significant consideration.

Kits and methods that combine whitening/stain removal of teeth with remineralization are disclosed. In either case, when used, these solid particles then readily dissolve in saliva and diffuse to the surface of, and within, the tooth.

In another preferred embodiment, the composition further comprises a source of fluoride ions and/or a source of carbonate ions.

In yet another embodiment, the present invention is a method for whitening and remineralizing teeth.

The compositions advantageously whiten teeth while simultaneously remineralizing them to prevent and/or repair weaknesses including dental caries, exposed dentin tubules, and voids resulting from stain removal. The stabilized peroxide composition comprises a soluble peroxide and a soluble orthophosphate salt.

A tooth is comprised of an outer hard enamel protective layer surrounding an inner dentin layer. 5,851,514 describes a whitening composition containing both a peroxide compound and an abrasive compound. In a preferred embodiment, the calcium-containing composition has an alkaline p H and the stabilized peroxide composition has an acidic p H.

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There is also a need in the art for methods that achieve simultaneous whitening and remineralization of teeth in this manner.