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Category Tree browser at the Toolserver is a Java Script category browser, but it is marked "deprecated".

Cat Scan, also at the Toolserver, can be used to find subcategories.

For information for readers, see Wikipedia: FAQ/Categories.

For more detailed guidelines on creating and organizing categories, see Help: Category.

A navigation template is a collection of links on a single topic, formatted in a standard way, in a box with a border.A list of all categories can be found at Special: Categories – there are many thousands listed but you can jump through them using the search box.Category: Wikipedia categories is the standard top-level category provided by the Media Wiki software, but orphan categories (categories without any parent categories) can exist.The category page can be used to tell others whether it is a list or a topic, and to link to a main list or main article.See meta: Categorization requirements for the original purpose of the feature, and Wikipedia: Categorization for current usage and guidelines for assignment. Either start at Wikipedia: Browse or start at Category: Articles, which shows the "top" level categories, to which all other categories should be connected.

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These links can be arranged in different ways within the box.