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In New York City, they met Swami Prabhupada, began following him, and went on to play prominent roles in the Hare Krishna movement.

The marriage lasted eleven years, and later he was married to Purnamasi Dasi.

Musician Boy George was openly involved with the Hare Krishna movement, members of ISKCON have appeared in several of his stage performances, and his 1991 song "Bow Down Mister", recorded by his band Jesus Loves You, includes the Hare Krishna mantra and other references to the Hare Krishnas.

Regarding homosexuality and the Hare Krishna movement, George says in his book Take It Like a Man, "A swami, who I was very fond of, told me it was harder for homosexuals to enter the gates of heaven. In 2001, several LGBT members of ISKCON joined together to form GALVA, The Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (see link below).

Buckley, Jr.'s TV show "Firing Line" on September 3, 1968, Buckley acceded and the poet chanted slowly as he played dolefully on a harmonium.

According to Richard Brookhiser, an associate of Buckley's, the host who did not like Ginsbergs hippie like disposition commented that it was "the most unharried Krishna I've ever heard." and then moved to New York.

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Nevertheless, the book Monkey On A Stick (by John Hubner and Lindsey Gruson, 19) suggests that Hayagriva was likely seeing men throughout those years too. Kirtanananda Swami, on the other hand, was supposed to be "celibate", but was eventually caught being intimate with a boy in 1993.