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She graduated and now apparently works at a restaurant in Tampa.

According to a television interview for NBC, they met while they took the SAT’s.

It’s difficult…Conor Gillaspie’s wife Amanda Gillaspie lives with Conor and their son in Wichita, Kansas.

Before he played in the Major League, Conor played in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

Johnny’s a big hero…Madison Bumgarner’s wife Ali Bumgarner is proof positive that Madison is mature beyond his years.

Aside from being a one of the majors best lefties, earning millions of dollars and already having a couple World Series rings, the ice in his veins ace has put the playoff baseball world on notice.

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I collected about 115 signatures on each election-nerd petition. And while I didn’t have it in my hands, I directed many of my signers to speak to my friends with New Approach SD (who helped direct my war-Beetle through the mud to share their campsite out in the restful west shelterbelt last night) who are petitioning to let your doctor prescribe you medical cannabis without a second opinion from our Governor, who lacks a medical degree to qualify her to pronounce on the issue.

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