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I don’t know if you guys have heard yet, but the Jonas Brothers are back and hotter than ever.

On March 1, at midnight, they decided to drop a new music video on the laps of waiting fans.

She and her husband starred in the reality show, Married To Jonas. As if Danielle and Kevin don’t already have enough on their plate, they are both parents of two beautiful little girls, Valentina and Alena.

Authenticity is a rare find these days but Kevin and Danielle Jonas are brimming with it.

It’s the considerate way they interact with those around them, the sweetness to their demeanor, the way that — even after Kevin’s worldwide fame and success — they have put down roots in their home state of New Jersey instead of opting for the bright lights of the city or another celebrity enclave.

” he checked in with Danielle during each dress change.

He showered her with words of love and encouragement, leaving even the stylist sighing.

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In an interview, he admitted to some light stalking and said: “It was kind of creepy.