Kiefer sutherland dating beauty magazine style editor Adult dating new jersey

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Kiefer sutherland dating beauty magazine style editor

He did some of the most beautiful handheld work I've ever seen in my life and he was like working with a really talented actor and I went to shake his hand I wanted to say, ' It's been an honor.' I'm not a real crier but my lip went and I had to look away and so did he. I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to see those people every day; I knew I wasn't going to work with those actors everyday and I think that was the hardest thing for me to let go of and that will always be the thing I missed the most about the show.

With regards to the character if I want to pull out some costumes I can do that stuff in my house but I miss the people." Kiefer admits he was as surprised as anyone when he was told by lead writer Howard Gordon that '24' was coming back.

He said: "As much as I loved playing Jack Bauer, I'm not him.

I'm not as tough." Kiefer recently recorded an album ' Down in the Hole' and revealed he was too "insecure" to indulge his love of music when he was younger.

Click through the gallery above to see shots of Sutherland and Vela together and on the red carpet.He said: "I recently made an album called Down in a Hole.I took a couple of songs out of maybe 15 or 20 that I had.The majority of the photos on Vela's Instagram page don't show her and Sutherland exchanging a lot of public displays of affection.Though, one group shot of Keifer's band starting their tour shows her standing in front of him with his arm around her shoulders.

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The "Designated Survivor" and "24" star has been dating Cindy Vela, who grew up in Brownsville, for about three years.