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Live ceting web cam datin maria

The debt was incurred in Montreal for merohandiie whioh wu de Kvered there.

It ia not a oaae wher« the canae of action oan be said to have originated in Kamoaraaka.

Lavoie C-- • ..••• 69 Gushing, App U., and Dupuy, Respdt 151 Devine e( vir et al.

...."..,.."," Mb Trudplle, Appjt., and Hudon et al., Iteipdti n ....!!

60 " Applt.^ and Marseau, Respdt , ' ' \^^ 109 110 325 47 A ,/ V ' INDIX TO CASEB BKPOBTIP.'.

Mc Clanaghan 243 Dwyer (in re) Ina., and Fabre, Assignee, and Mc Carron, Contestant ...a.. V ^ .^ nn Xpplt., and The Montreal City PAssenger Railway Co., Respdt.'.'.'.'.".

^ • This was on appeal from a judgveii^ of the Superior Court at Montreal • (To RRi^NCB, J.), re Jderedon tlwra Oth of April, 1878, rcjecti Dg tbe o Wm of the appellants to be paid by priyilejjo as beremafter meniioned. ' , On the 24th of July, 1874, Brown, Mc Minn & Co. ' - On the 30th of March, 1877/ the assignee prepardl a dividend sheet under ' the Act, distributing the amount thus paid to him by D. amongst theoreditow; in whiob dividend sheet the appellants were collocated au marc \ 4 1 1 ft ,..? sh Jt w„ e.r the l.t d.j of ^ne, Is Vt f^f l^ir " "'»«'/'«•» »». ^ ^ *''' evocation, in the -even U partiee collocated t ^^r T*"""^ •I'« the not M. .n/p X^o W^otth* To^tt^l'^^'t^^^ '^^^ -' '^^^ par Udly distributed by the .« n7e S SS . 2000 makes provision of resale during proceedings ia revendication, or when the thing is seised at the suit of a third party, the original vendor being entitled to revendicate ; then be is privileged as to the price in pteferencc to all„privileged creditors. Mo Minn Tco '^ ' ' ^ Th« ntpo Dd ADU are the inapeotora of the es Ute.

J.,, Monk, J., BAM8AY,^., TM8i«a, S., \ Oroh«, J^ No. no RROWIAN IT At , AMD ANOCB «T Al., Apri LLitt TN ;' Ampondintm.' In •coord Mow wild • u MKe^of trade (t Montreal, appellant* borrowed ttom nrnwn.-Mo Hlna A Ca " a quanlfly ol corn, (lopualtln R a )um of money ,ai xmurily for lu return, iwo or thn th« aulgnee of their eitato «uni)luted under the Inio Went Act of 184V. l Ui,o;-That the appellan U had no lien or privilege on thew proceed* for tha aniouiit of tald - , unreturn M money dopoiit. Stewart, official assignee, and on the 17th of 'Au^t, 1874, David J. Butte»'& Co., for a baltnoe due q^n the price of the coi^n so sold to th«m, and D. thereupon paid tbe ainount oflbe judghaent to the as^ee. ^^"•"j' P"» f *"• price Brown, Mo Minn A Co * ^ ^""""^ ^T" •««* "t«f d to ^^^^^^Z^:^^^ «-c. ^ " "^P'""Vo' 'i^- on the oon«H,uenceof the ftilu^ oft " l^X^t « S.: 'r't T*""'' ^•'' '» «id first dividend .heet, all suoh E.? • - «.t.f, under the In Act if 1869 —gnment of their edf;;mio^t;r7roo Tn?

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Chauv Chau% i#s ■II ''i^i (jonijii ^^- "-i^ *cr Paw Coolej Corpoi Co., Corse Cruic I Cushlr Deviu Doutn Dupuji Dwyei Expai Fontai :;is|8t^j i S^".

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