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You’ll probably suck at dirty talk to begin with, but no one ever got better at something without a little practice. Sex is basically just rubbing two (or more) naked bodies together because it feels good, so naturally any narration of the act is a little silly. There’s no need to get fancy or poetic; you’re not writing an essay for AP Lit, okay? They’re taboo enough that you wouldn’t say them around your boss, but they’re also not disrespectful or clinical, which is exactly the tone you should be going for.

You have to give into this, much like you give into the idea of another person seeing you naked. It may seem strange, but try saying dirty things when you’re totally alone as practice. This be obvious, but if Jason Derulo’s lyrics are any indication, it is not. (please feel free to roast me for my terrible taste in movies) where Katherine Heigl professes her love for James Marsden and then he says, sexily, “get over here.” Which is like the hottest thing ever. Almost any combination of come/get over here will do.

Don’t tell someone what to do until you know it’s cool.

You don’t have to have a long, sit-down talk, but you should find out if your partner likes being told what to do before being direct with them.

“Suck my cock,” or something similarly vuglar which could easily put the kibosh on an otherwise fun time if you say it to the wrong person.

If you tell someone, “Flip over right now,” and they respond with, “No, I like this position,” that is Don’t shut down, or feel like you screwed up.

Dirty talk is just there to heighten the excitement and help you communicate what you want.

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It provides a (sexy) window for your partner to say, “Wait, play with my boobs first before you do that,” or whatever else they might want. A wholly underrated strategy of dirty talk is simply saying what you like.

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