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I was disappointed that CHROME did not let me respond to their comments, but I can respond here and tell you all you need to do is go to the list to see.

What I don’t understand is why both sheriff’s don’t know how many people are really missing from their own counties. Click to read story on CHROME About 10 months ago, I was contacted by Jerry, the brother of missing Larry Baker that disappeared in Liberty County in 2010.

She told me that the comment I had made about “two people missing, especially two people living only blocks from each other is unusual,” and she was interested in taking a closer look at that county.

As Helen did her research, she came up with several more names in Liberty County and several more from the adjacent Montgomery County, and emailed me a map she had put together.

This information is interesting but still 6 years old.

According to the LA Times, “on average, 5 of every 1,000 people go missing every year, roughly double the national rate…Alaska has the highest percentage of people who stay missing” with a compiled list of 1,100 people who “remain” lost.You may want to look at this list of unidentified missing from Montgomery County Texas.Click here to go to Missing Texas Forty Channel on You Tube Unidentified and identified remains found Click to watch the story done by KHOU news on The Missing Texas Forty.“The more eyes out there the better.” In the article, Parents, authorities won’t help find children, “…So, after several weeks of research, a list of people missing in Montgomery County and Liberty County Texas was created, as shown below.Whether there is something nefarious going on or pure coincidence requires even more research and study.

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Jerry told me about Larry and he also brought up the name of another person, Rodney Stokely that was missing from the same small town in Texas called Cleveland.