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Masami nagasawa dating

They somehow broke up along the way, and everyone was speculating how this had left Nino scarred for life and he became a player.

I don't know what to say to this theory, but I agree that Noriko must have been very important to him, I mean one of his solos Shougai Nani ga Atte mo Aisuru Hito e (To the person that I love no matter what) was rumored to be dedicated to her: This is the interview where Nori said how she bumped into an ex bf -ahem Nino- and he's starting to get in touch with her once more, but this was during the time he was allegedly with Nagasawa Masami, the rumors died though and we will never know if Nori and Nino got together even for a short while.despite that being a Morning Musume member, she used to openly ask Johnny's Jrs out for dates, It was also said that she was allegedly going for either Nino or Aiba.

It was also said that being a talento herself Nino is the first person that Norichan braved herself to go anywhere with.

There were sightings of them and one person shared online on seeing Norichan and Nino shopping at Disney store in Shibuya.

She later had a relationship with Yamapi (and broke up).

Nagasawa Masami and Ninomiya Kazunari have been rumoured together since 2005 when they starred in Fuji TV's Yasashii Jikan.

We heard someone making a toast and what sounded like a great time, and I thought, 'No way!

If any of it were true, it must have been a hard, emotional break-up, since that same month, fans worry over a skinny Masami when she did a guest appearance in “Waratte iitomo!At that time, they neither acknowledged or denied their relationship.According to Shukan Josei, Nino was at a gathering with friends from the entertainment circle, with Hide of the comedy duo Penalty when Kojima Yoshio showed up with several other entertainers to join them.Before this, Nino went Noriko's for about 2-3 hours.Then the couple walked along the street (holding hands all the way).

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