Mingle2 dating site

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Mingle2 dating site

You’ll just have to sign-up and find out for yourself which kind of dating you’re most likely to find on Mingle2.

On Mingle2, it’s clear that users are encouraged to flirt, message, and have some dates but these are more superficial interactions which may not lend itself to users forming more serious relationships on this particular website.Mingle2 has a very small membership base right now, especially compared to online dating behemoths like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish.In total, Mingle2 has about 500,000 members who login and use the website on a consistent basis.The profile you create is based around the pictures rather than the actual information that you can use to describe yourself.Mingle2’s mission for dating is based around the casualness of it and for members to look for hook ups with each other rather than to search and have a serious relationship or even marriage.

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If you want to have instant communication, it would be best to use the ‘instant messaging’ system to get in touch with another user especially if you’re really interested in contacting them sooner rather than later.

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