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Posted by / 06-Aug-2019 01:26

Suu Kyi is once again skipping the General Assembly — but her absence doesn’t preclude the international community from condemning Myanmar, or from taking collective action.

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group that live mostly in Rakhine State, have long been marginalized by Myanmar’s Buddhist-majority (and military-controlled) government.The UN report holds Myanmar’s military responsible for the human rights abuses, saying “it acts with complete impunity and has never been held accountable for the violations of international law it is consistently involved in.” The report concludes that top military commanders — including the commander in chief, Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing — should be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity, through the International Criminal Court or an ad hoc tribunal.It also calls for urgent political reforms within Myanmar, including rescinding discriminatory laws, restructuring the Tatmadaw, and removing its current leadership.“If people were not killed by the gunshots, they were slaughtered to make sure they were really dead,” a survivor told the investigators.Women and girls were physically and mentally tortured and brutally raped, according to the report.

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