National pcso dating

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National pcso dating

I receive a call on my radio from the control room there's bee a report of an abandoned car within the area.I make my way and it turns out the car's been stolen.I make arrangements for it to be recovered so a Forensic Investigator can analyse any evidence.3.00pm I head to the infants school in the Old Village - we receive many complaints about dangerous parking near the school.I sit in one of the parks and update the crime logs for the visits I have completed today and input any intelligence I have gathered onto my Blackberry.Whilst sitting in the park I see three young looking lads in the skate park, one of whom is smoking.I'm a PCSO in Corby and work on the North Corby Safer Community Team.My patch (Corby Old Village and the industrial estates) is a mix between houses, residential homes for the elderly, shops, pubs and clubs, a retail park and big factories so it's extremely varied.

I'm met with a warm welcome, a cup of tea and a biscuit, and they share some very useful information about people who have been knocking on doors in the area trying to sell items.

I speak with the security staff and look at some CCTV footage to see if I recognise any of the young people.

Luckily I do and I make a note of their names so I can follow it up by speaking to them, with their parents, at a later date.

I speak with the owner of the business and arrange for a Crime Prevention Officer to come and do a site visit to discuss and provide any crime prevention possibilities that can make the site more secure.

4.30pm I'm back on the streets again and I focus my patrols on the areas we call hotspots,' which are areas which have the most problems with anti-social behaviour.

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They are not police officers and not a substitute for them and we dont pretend they are, but the constant undermining of their role and authority only serves the interests of yobs and criminals, he said.