Netvibes feeds not updating

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Netvibes feeds not updating

A small player will show up on the top of the dashboard.

Check my public dashboard for an example All the ideas that are listed here can also be a part of a mobile learning experience.

Either students create their own to do lists before they start working on their task or the teacher prepares them for them so that students just need to tick them off.

Ideally, you want to do this via an interactive whiteboard so that all groups see how far the others are.

However, some news portals also offer topic related feeds. German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung or British newspaper The Guardian offer such a service which can be found below a number of articles, e.g. It’s good to have a look at the newsfeed logo as shown on the right because there you might find the thing that you are looking for.I have prepared a public dashboard over at Netvibes to give you a starter of what you can do that should accompany this blog post.But I am sure that once you get going there is lots more.This is a function, however, that might be included in the software that comes along with a whiteboard, so only use it if you lack that software or you want to combine it with something else, e.g. I was pretty sure that I did not come up with that idea as the first one, so when I googled for the words Web Quest and Netvibes I got 37,700 results.The tool is simply awesome for the combination of various sources.

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Let your students maybe check for the cheapest flight and the cheapest hotel. I’m sure that you can think of much more than that.

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