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BULK COLLECT into a varray when you know the upper limit.A varray is a collection that has an upper limit on the number of elements that can be defined in the collection.

I need to retrieve these months into a collection and then display each month.END process_employee; The implicit SELECT INTO offers the most-efficient means of returning that single row of information to your PL/SQL program.In addition, the use of SELECT INTO states very clearly that you expect at most one row, and the statement will raise exceptions (NO_DATA_FOUND or TOO_MANY_ROWS) if your expectations are not met.This upper limit is specified when the varray type is declared; it can also be modified afterward, if you are using Oracle Database 10 Release 2 or higher.Listing 2 shows how to define a varray type and declare a variable based on this type.

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This technique will “work,” but the program will consume a dangerously large amount of per-session memory. Instead, switch to an associative array or nested table and use the LIMIT clause with BULK COLLECT (as described in the next section).