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(It would have been in case of treason, which was the only remaining capital statute by then.) The prison itself, which dates to 1851, remains in operation to this day.According to friend of the blog Another Nickel in the Machine, Wandsworth’s former condemned cell “is now used as a television room for prison officers.” Entry Filed under: 20th Century, Capital Punishment, Common Criminals, Crime, Death Penalty, England, Execution, Hanged, Milestones, Murder, Sex Tags: 1960s, 1961, adultery, henryk niemasz, love triangle, september 8, wandsworth, wandsworth prison On this date in 1961,* two 22-year-old Soviet men were — very much to their surprise — shot as black market currency speculators.These deeds augmented the inherently parasitic act of profiteering by the inherently subversive act of making unchaperoned contact with foreign visitors, at a moment when the Soviet state was particularly sensitive to both infractions.

The star of the show was Henryk Niemasz, who became infatuated with a married woman and shot her dead when she refused to break up her marriage for him.And for ongoing help and STD support, Dating Herpes aspect forums and document STD news to help you learn about your nausea in depth.All in all, Dating Herpes lives to its claims as website that helps people with herpes resume their love life.Given that their final condemnation had occurred only five days previous, we fall at worst within a narrow margin of error.** Also of note: the USSR had just revalued the ruble as of January 1, 1961. Alvin Table Jr., 26, mounted the gallows in Nassau at 7 a.m.; William (Billy Wayne) Sees, 21, followed an hour later. The bizarre adventure that preceded the hangings had begun a year earlier in Texas, where Table wooed 18-year-old Barbara Fisher briefly before whisking her off to Mexico to be married.

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