Republican intimidating voters when your daughter is dating the wrong guy

Posted by / 03-Jun-2019 15:44

But still, as in the past, the Justice Department has announced it is deploying attorneys to 35 jurisdictions to monitor VRA compliance.Trump, however, is signaling that they are not necessarily going to be there to fight for the right to vote, and may in fact have the opposite intention.“They use a lot of threatening language to associate voting with a crime, that may just make people want to stay away,” says the Brennan Center’s Larry Norden.Norden says the billboards leave the impression that “if you go to the polls there might be somebody there to take you to jail or fine you”….Even if Sessions’s minions plan to act in good faith, their ultimate boss is suggesting The Law is there to keep an eye on Given his relentless if fact-free insistence that Democrats regularly benefit from illegal voting, perhaps Trump is simply setting the table for postelection rationalizations of Democratic gains (much as he dismissed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 popular-vote victory as the product of “millions of illegal votes,” without evidence).Or maybe he just heard about this intimidation technique, and thought it was too cool to leave to the locals.Yes, in theory the feds could intervene to punish fradulent voting in elections involving federal offices.But since in-person voter fraud (the kind Trump is talking about) is as rare as a blue rose, there’s no reason it should be a priority for stretched-thin federal agencies.

Although, interestingly, she seems to be backing off that last claim now — somewhat, allowing last night that “I don’t know that empirically I would have won” last year.Does that mean the rest of the party is now free to punt on the burning question of who the “real” governor is, or do racial politics require them to hug the “Stacey won” talking point tight even as she’s inched away from it?Anyway, she’s on firmer empirical ground in worrying about off-duty patrolmen turning up in majority-minority districts in 2020 on behalf of the GOP.I would be honored to be considered by any nominee. And that means using the primary as an opportunity to build the apparatus to fight voter suppression.Because in the end, no matter where I fit, no matter which ones of our nominees win, if we haven’t fought this scourge, if we haven’t pushed back against Moscow Mitch and his determination to block any legislation that would cure our voting machines, then we are all in a world of trouble.

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