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This is where you find the MP3 plug-in and a ton of other packages.

Yes you can use yum, but you need the repository set up (in /etc/yum.repos.d).

You can do that with proper preparation but it is not the way hardly anyone installs software in Linux these days.

Heck, even Gentoo, where everything gets built from source, had the portage system to mostly do it for you.

[ note that was for metatags] i joined this forum especially for the cause of saving peoples time with this fc6 problem.

the solution is two codes note - you must be root to do this type "su" into the terminal [without quotes] and then your password Livna Fedora Core 6 rpm -ivh Core 5 rpm -ivh Core 4 rpm -ivh I can't understand what it does, but it works!

rpm livna org rlowiki christiandatingatytunicowy-65rpm livna org rlowiki christiandatingatytunicowy-62rpm livna org rlowiki christiandatingatytunicowy-51

I have searched and found out xine is the best player for that.

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