Sophia myles james franco dating

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Sophia myles james franco dating

Who” on Brit TV, and who she most admires in the acting community. And, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with him for a few hours. Teen Hollywood: Do you believe in love at first sight? Teen Hollywood: Well, forbidden love is pretty hot.

As we sat down, we noted her perfect skin, big blue eyes and her tiny, delicate hands. Sophia: Kevin said to me that as soon as you see him [Tristan] on that beach, he has you before he even says hello. Teen Hollywood: Have you had that in your own life? I have no recollection of meeting him the first time and he thought I was a frosty b**ch. I love a bit of James Taylor, I love Tracy Chapman.

During the same year, she also landed the roles of Audrey in the comedy film “Art School Confidential” and Lucy Westenra in the BBC adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”.

Moreover, Sophia guest-starred as Madame de Pompadour in an episode of the BBC sci-fi series “Doctor Who” in 2006; the episode entitled “The Girl In The Fireplace” won the 2007 Hugo Award in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category.

Spotted in a school play while in high school, Sophia (pronounced Sof-eye-a) landed a job in a Brit TV show that changed her plan to study philosophy at Cambridge and launched her into acting with roles in Mansfield Park and “Nicholas Nickleby” for TV. Sophia: He’s hasn’t yet because it’s not coming out in England until April I think. This has always been his job and he’s never imposed on myself or my brother. Teen Hollywood: Was it a difficult adjustment to do anything in the states? They’re so aggressive, the drivers here and the horns! Sophie: I was really lucky because Kevin was very good about it all. It’s a totally different medium and it requires such different skills.

Now, the Kate Winslet look-alike co-stars with hot James Franco in the classic love story Tristan and Isolde We first spotted pretty Sophia in a hot red and white floral Nanette Lapore frock with full skirt as she was standing next to a coffee-sipping James Franco, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills while the two were glued to a big-screen TV watching the Gavin De Graw music video from their film called “We Belong Together”. How many people have told you that you are the spitting image of Kate Winslet? But, there was one journalist who wrote that I really look like Leonardo Di Caprio so maybe if they make “Titanic Two” I can be the lovechild. She could be Leo’s sister] Teen Hollywood: Did you have to audition for this film? I met [director] Kevin [Reynolds] and then they called back about a week later and asked would I come and screen-test with James. Teen Hollywood: Was there anyone you admire who made you want to be an actor? There’s some great girls out there and in England, apart from Orlando, we don’t have many boys who are flying the flag. There are a lot more good girls at the moment than good boys. Teen Hollywood: Are you worried about him seeing it? When we hit puberty, neither of us were interested in getting up on a Sunday morning to go to church. Teen Hollywood: Was it freezing during the scene in which you and Tristan are pushing the boat out into the ocean? In reality, if they’d done it, you would only have done it once but we were there all day and the two of us were like two old ladies. I think for women, you feel very vulnerable and that’s probably why I always end up getting the giggles in those scenes. I was lucky with Kevin and that makes you feel comfortable and James was so easy and so sweet and an absolute gentleman about it all as was Rufus so it was fine. I’d like to do it but I’d like to do some vocal training before I’d tread on the boards.

Sophia Jane Myles was born on 18 March 1980, in London, England UK, so is currently aged 39. So, if you ever wondered how rich Sophia Myles is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of her net worth is over million, accumulated through her successful acting career.

She is an actress, probably best recognized for starring in the role of Erika in the action horror film “Underworld” (2003), playing Beth Turner in the CBS paranormal romantic drama series “Moonlight” (2007-2008) and featuring as Darcy Tirrel in the sci-fi action “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” (2014). If she continues to develop her career further, her net worth will certainly increase in the coming years.

During the next year, she landed the role of Erika in the action horror film “Underworld”, followed by her portrayal of Louise Thompson in the psychological thriller “Out Of Bounds” directed by Merlin Ward, both of which increased her net worth by a large margin.

Upon matriculation, she was quite successful at A-level and was accepted to study Philosophy at Cambridge University; however, she changed her vocation and began pursuing her career in the world of acting, after being noticed by an Oscar-winning screenwriter and actor Julian Fellowes.

Speaking about Sophia’s professional acting career, it actually began in 1996, when she was selected to appear in the role of Lady Jane Grey in the TV mini-series “The Prince And The Pauper”, which was followed by her guest-starring as Saffron in another TV mini-series entitled “Big Women”, in 1998.

Her next major role came in 2004, when she featured as Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in the sci-fi action “Thunderbirds”, after which she played Lizzie Carter in the TV mini-series “Colditz” (2005).

In 2006, Sophia was busy again as she reprised the role of Erika in the sequel of “Underworld”, entitled “Underworld: Evolution”, and then portrayed Isolde in the epic romantic drama “Tristan & Isolde”, alongside James Franco, which added a considerable amount to her net worth and increased enormously her popularity.

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