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Speed dating munich germany

In complete contrast to the previous correspondent here, I thought Shoppen Munich (as it was billed when shown with English subtitles here in London at the German Film Festival in November 2007) was very funny, very well acted, and excellently scripted.It's quite audacious to design a 100-minute film that consists exclusively, and relentlessly, of talking heads.

NB In the English subtitled showing in London, the subtitles (which were very good) were shown completely underneath the slightly reduced picture, not inside it.

But when someone said something that revealed their souls - well, we were hustled on by the man with the timer for yet another superficial introduction.

Which is, of course, the point: the hurtling tickbox superficiality of thirtysomething urbanites, where everything is down to a quick question and answer.

During this year's CDI Sailing challenge our new alumni extended their MBA-experience and explored the Balearic Islands.

With three boats, the 34 graduates from Italy, France and Germany launched near Palma, Mallorca, sailing and growing as a team and as a crew.

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Maybe most films are so clichéd and stupid that we English are ready to laugh at any vaguely intelligent and uncontrived cinema, but I can promise you that at the screening tonight (Curzon Cinema, Sun ) the full audience bellowed with laughter most of the way through. My girlfriend (who speaks German and has lived in Munich) thought it was hilarious.

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