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Student dating penn state

After a short pause, he hurriedly added that if our relationship lasted six months he would buy me an expensive piece of jewelry.

Many of the men were pretty direct with their desires…some would say sleazy. At least, as polite as you can be when offering to buy someone’s company. The message belonged to a 55-year-old man in a well-paying job from an Asian country who visited town on business frequently. Frank was highly educated, a multi-millionaire, and described himself as having “poor social abilities.” Compared to all of the other men, he seemed lonely, rather than creepy or sex-crazed. I wanted to be somewhere public and extremely visible in case anything went wrong.I created a profile on the site within a couple minutes, adopting the name “Sugar Satine” as my alias.The site required a brief physical description of myself – my height, body type, hair color – and a description of what I was looking for in my potential sugar daddy.A thin layer of sweat covered his forehead, and he pulled on the collar of his immaculate white-collared shirt repeatedly.His voice shook as we went through the usual small talk.

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I was shocked, but at the same time it made complete sense. As a student, I’d felt the pain of dropping hundreds of dollars for one textbook. I decided to use my status as a young blonde college student to go undercover as a sugar baby.

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