Travis pastrana and jolene dating

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Travis pastrana and jolene dating

Over the course of 80 minutes, Pastrana and his crew launch a turbocharged school bus 170 feet through the air.

They intentionally roll a Ford Mustang seven times at high speed.

Most of the budget went toward the 3-D camera equipment that lets viewers ride shotgun on stunts they should never attempt on their own.“We were buying cars off the side of the road for 0 and jury-rigging the roll cages,” said Pastrana, an 11-time X-Gamesgold medalist turned NASCAR driver, considered by many to be the modern-day answer to Evel Knievel.

“Everyone on Nitro did it because they loved it and wanted to and they got paid minimum wage.”Rated PG-13, “Nitro Circus” opens with a warning that viewers should refrain from emulating the highflying maneuvers they see throttling toward them in 3-D.

Who cares if she is she is beautiful, smart, successful, and seems to be pretty cool to.

she can also hang with the guys like travis, and the rest of the guys from nitro.

And they demonstrate that the only thing crazier than jumping a tricycle between skyscrapers is doing a flip in mid-air in the 40-foot-gap between buildings.“Fear is what keeps you alive,” Pastrana said of his willingness to engage in dangerous behavior despite the obvious risks.

“Action sports guys, the ones that are fearless and don’t understand their ability level, they’re hurt all the time.” Nitro Circus dates back to 2003, when Pastrana gathered together about 10 of his friends “to push their personal bounds further than they thought possible so others would believe it could be done.” They captured their antics on video and released them on DVD.

She isn't married currently, but I think she is dating Jim De Champ from Nitro Circus.

The Hollywood studios that Nitro Circus approached about the project chose to steer clear, citing extreme liability.

Ultimately the -million film, which was directed by Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle, and features cameos from “Jackass” frontman Johnny Knoxville, actor Channing Tatum and skateboarding legend Ryan Sheckler, among others, was independently financed and is being released through ARC Entertainment.

In the film, Jim De Champ is wheeled away in an ambulance after being knocked unconscious and breaking his neck and back.“We initially didn’t plan on showing too much of the aftermath of that because this isn’t the type of movie where you want to bring people down,” said co-director Rawle, who like Godfrey, is billed as a Nitro Circus member though neither filmmaker performs a stunt in the movie.“But then,” Rawle continued, “we felt like we were unintentionally sweeping it under the rug.

In the end, people really need to know the stuff these guys are doing really does have super heavy consequences.

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A little adult at times, language-wise, but still a good time for the whole family. Weird and wacky with just enough danger to make it...continued This is the next evolution in circus and live entertainment at its best.

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