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It's almost September, that magical time of year when pundits and prognosticators polish up their crystal balls for the autumnal event we all know as the annual i Phone launch.All indicators seem to point to an Apple event in early September (I predicted September 12). All these questions, and more, will be answered right here, right now.Frankly, going to the Apple store at any time can be a hellish experience. That means your i Phone must: If you've broken your phone and you want to upgrade, now might be the time to exercise your Apple Care program. The only bright spot is that you can cancel that loan after 12 months, get a new phone, and do it all over again.After all, you paid for that added level of protection. The other bright spot is that the i Phone Upgrade Program is really a zero percent interest loan. So, does this mean I'll have two loans open at once, the remaining 12 months of the first one and the new two-year loan? Once you exercise your upgrade option (and it all goes through), your old loan will be closed out.There is no guarantee of availability at the time you want to upgrade. I want to be the first on my block with a new i Phone. What happens to all my data on my current phone when I trade it in?In other words, there probably won't be any new i Phones for you in the first few weeks. When do you suggest I start camping in front of my neighborhood Apple store? Apple doesn't guarantee anything about data protection, which is ironic given their big fuss about not decrypting the FBI i Phone from the San Bernardino terrorist incident.

But whether you'll be able to eventually renew it, or trade in your phone online, frankly, I have my doubts.

A search of the entire Apple Terms & Conditions document turned up not a single use of the word "online." I've had my i Phone for less than a year. This is pretty much the same answer I gave about trading in on launch day.

You have to pay the equivalent of at least 12 installment payments before you can upgrade.

So, if you don't want to trade it in now, you can hang onto it forever, or until you're ready to upgrade.

Can I trade in my i Phone for a new i Phone on launch day?

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Apple says you may use a "Trade-in Service Provider to facilitate the trade-in of your Financed i Phone." So what is a Trade-in Service Provider, you ask.