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– He was scouted by a JYP agent in Hollywood, California while he was attending the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles.

– After passing the auditions, he began his trainee period in 2006. – He speaks Thai, English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and basic French. – He acted in movies such as: “Shining Diploma” (2011), “Ouran High School Host Club” (2012), “Seven Something” (2012), “A Dynamite Family” (2014 – cameo) – He appeared in Korean dramas like “Dream High” (2011 – where he made a cameo appearance) and “The Producers” (2015 – where he played himself in ep.

– In January 2017, Jun-K released his 2nd solo Korean album, “77-1X3-00”. – Family: Mother, father, an older brother (Nichan), two younger sisters – Nichthima (Yanin) and Nachjaree (Chereen) – His mother was born in Thailand to immigrant parents from China.

– He was the 1st 2PM member who composed a title track for 2PM – “Go Crazy” (2014). – His father’s mother is from China, wile his paternal grandfather was born in Thailand from Chinese parents.

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– In 2012, he starred in the musical “The Three Musketeers” where he played the role of D’Artagnan.

– In 2013, he starred in the musical “Jack the Ripper” where he played the role of Daniel.

– Family: Mother, younger brother (his father passed away in 2012) – He was born Kim Junsu, but on October 17, 2012, he announced that he would be legally changing his name to Kim Minjun (due to family reasons).

– Was accepted both into YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, but he chose JYP. – He‘s friends with G–Dragon and Tae Yang of BIGBANG.

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