Updating my playstation 2

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Updating my playstation 2

With the PS4 and PS4 Pro life-cycles officially reaching their ends, and Sony confirming PS5 details, we can't help but wonder what Sony has in store as a successor to Play Station VR. Sony did technically release a second PSVR headset back in 2017: the added HDR compatibility, integrated headphones and a smaller connective cord.

But, the true PSVR 2.0 will feature a much greater jump in specs that will take advantage of next-gen hardware to up its resolution, pixel quality and refresh rate.

So, rather than generic NPC crowds in the stands of a FIFA match or along the track of a Gran Turismo race, your friends could chose to have an avatar representation of themselves turn up in your game.

These avatars could be true to life, or any sort of stylized representation they choose to submit.

It’s almost certain that PSVR 2 will work exclusively with the Play Station 5, but we probably won't be seeing the next-generation Play Station until at least mid-2020.

With no official word yet on a Play Station 5 release date it's difficult to pin down exactly when we might get to see a PS5 console or the PSVR 2 - although Sony has confirmed we won't see the PS5 in 2019.

These updates keep your PS4 experience fresh, and it can also offer more stability to your console.He also said, "VR is very important to us and the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”Backwards compatible Games for the Play Station 4 are set to be backwards compatible with the Play Station 5 too, so we can expect that you'll be able to switch your existing PSVR catalogue over to the next console. According to published patent (spotted by Upload VR), Sony is working on "prescription glasses with eye gaze tracking and electro optical signaling to a HMD".These Sony developed prescription glasses would be custom-designed for the wearer and gaze would be able to be detected by the VR headset via an encoded sensor.They'd be surrounded by real-world attendees, letting them watch the event as if they were actually there.It sounds similar to other live VR applications, like Next VR, Melody VR or Oculus Venues. This one speaks of turning buddies from your PSN games list into spectators of your games as you play.

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Play Station VR 2 could fuel the future of Gran Turismo In a roundable interview with GT Planet, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that, when it comes to harnessing the power of next-gen consoles, Polyphony Digital's focus is primarily on VR.