V deo dat ng cam 2

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V deo dat ng cam 2

The peer-to-peer connection is used for non-network-providing purposes, such as bootstrapping configuration for secondary devices like Chromecast and Google Home hardware.

You will use the following flow when using this API: Peer-to-peer connections do not require Location or Wi-Fi permissions.

For example, you could tell the system that no further confirmation should be required after a user has authenticated using Face authentication. Typically, users want to confirm sensitive or high-risk actions (for example, making a purchase).

However, if you have certain low-risk actions for your app, you can provide a hint to not require user confirmation by passing method.

In the past, users could access this functionality via reflection.

Once the user approves a network to connect to in response to a request from a specific app, the device stores the approval for the particular access point.

Network Callback() connectivity Manager.request Network(request, network Callback) ... connectivity Manager.unregister Network Callback(network Callback) final Network Specifier specifier = new Wifi Network Specifier.

Builder() Ssid Pattern(new Pattern Matcher("test", Pattern Matcher.

TLS 1.3 is a major revision to the TLS standard that includes performance benefits and enhanced security.

Our benchmarks indicate that secure connections can be established as much as 40% faster with TLS 1.3 compared to TLS 1.2.

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