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Validating uk phone numbers

If your organization relies on phone numbers in order to service your clients, or you are looking to broaden your telecommunications strategy then Phone Verification from Experian Data Quality offers you a fast and reliable way to validate in real-time, ensuring your phone numbers are accurate before ever picking up the telephone.To find out more about Phone Verification software, get in contact with the Experian Data Quality team today.", "upload Date" : "2016-12-14TZ" } How valuable are accurate phone numbers to your business?The library includes a lot of metadata, giving a significant memory overhead.This metadata is loaded on-demand so that the memory footprint of applications that only use a subset of the library functionality is not adversely affected.Phone number validation helps you reach and identify your customers and comply with relevant regulations. Our powerful phone validator tool utilizes data from over 200 telecommunications providers to deliver accurate, fast results.We can even cleanse phone numbers at point-of-entry, so you can be sure they’re valid before they enter your database.

The explosion in mobile usage has fundamentally changed the way organizations interact with their consumers.

Keep open lines of communication with your customers, improve the quality of organizational contact information, streamline data entry processes, and contact customers with the right phone number.

However, note that 070 numbers are NOT mobile numbers. For mobile only, try this pattern: Mobile phones use 074, 075, 07624, 077, 078, 079 at present.

The phone number is one of the trickiest fields to get right.

There are many phone number formats users can choose from and they’re often unsure which format is valid.

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You’ll receive a response in JSON format with information about each phone number, including country of origin, country code, cell or landline, telecommunications operator, roaming status, active status, and more.