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Major issues that are addressed in the EMP pertain to spoils disposal and impacts on air quality and noise, traffic, landscape including trees, culturally significant sites and undiscovered archaeological relics, groundwater quality, as well as health and safety of workers and the public.

It is also recognized that during excavation works, there is a possibility that some artifacts may be unearthed that could delay works in certain sections.

An environmental management plan (EMP) covering the depot, viaduct and tunnel sections of the Project has been prepared.

The recommended environmental mitigation measures and monitoring activities cover the pre-construction, construction and operation stages of the project.

The EMP specifies that the contractors shall develop and implement environmental management action plans in the form of specific management plans on dust and noise control, traffic management, spoils disposal, spill management, landscaping including trees relocation, occupational and community health and safety, and emergency response.

The EMP clearly defines the institutional arrangements and responsibilities for its implementation and includes an environmental training program for MRB and its project implementation unit to develop their capacity on environmental management.

The Project has been classified as environment category A in accordance with ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) and an EIA has been prepared to meet the requirements of the SPS.

The EIA provides a comprehensive assessment of potential adverse environmental impacts due to construction and operation of the Project.

In compliance with the SPS requirements, the draft full EIA was posted on ADB's website to meet the 120-day disclosure requirement.

Ha Noi Metro Company has been established and is developing communications strategy with ADB support, which will promote the use of the metro system needed for sustainable operation, and establish its brand.

Implementation of the Ha Noi Metro Line 3 project is delayed, with expected completion in 2022 due to (i) delay in partial site handover to CP03 contractor, and (ii) performance of CP03 contractor.

Without investment in major public transport infrastructure to support a significant modal shift to public transport, economic growth will be severely constrained and the urban enviorment will deteriorate due to high logistics costs and severe congestion.

Ha Noi is at an early stage of adoption of private motorization, so investment in major public transport infrastructure represents an effective means to reduce future urban congestion.

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The current total estimated cost of the project is $1,375.7 million equivalent.