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The play is set against the famed company theatres that performed dance dramas through the 1950s till the 80s."Nazia is an actress who has been through four decades of performance, and seven decades of personal travails and political upheavals."Alia is totally professional." Soni Razdan would love to cast her daughter in her film.

"Think of any good piece of work, great literature or films, it is the usage of seven emotions that is used to pull you in. Soni Razdan is playing the role of a protective and caring mother to the hilt.

She has travelled with her star daughter Alia Bhatt to the shoots.

"Now she doesn't need to travel." You bet she is kidding because not a moment goes by when she does not text her daughter on when she is coming home, having food etc.

Getting under the skin of the character and living it for months, movie actors define their preparation with lan.

In theatre, 'stage' and one-time-take is a challenge.

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This play is set in the world of theatre and cinema against a background of 50 years of history, including Partition.

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