Who is lil zane dating

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Who is lil zane dating

I was dealing with a new baby, my mom and my pops was going through some stuff, so I had family issues at the time.

So, I cared [about the shots they took at me], but I didn’t have the time to address it.

Two of those self-appointed critics of Zane’s mic skills, Game and Tyler, The Creator, have recently taken it upon themselves to let the world know just how wack they think Lil’ Zane is. Goblins” collaborators were each captured on camera either slandering or mocking a man who they probably haven’t listened to in almost a decade, let alone any of his recent recordings , like Zane’s surprisingly solid mixtape (which was notably released the same week Game decided to throw his “friend” under a bus driven by DJ Vlad).

But while the Goblin has long taken to his Twitter account to make fun of the Lil’ rapper he strangely stalked online before Zane responded back to the Odd Future front-man he mistook as an overzealous fan, the Atlanta resident (who was ironically born in the same city in New York that Tyler’s breakthrough single was named after) is trying to take a stand for himself against his attackers without stirring the toxic mix of beef and tweets that has sadly already claimed lives.

mixtape you noted that folks are hatin’ on you all of the time.

Why do you think that is; why do you think a guy who hasn’t had a major-label release in nearly nine years is still on the minds of these other artists? I think that it’s because you can’t deny good music.

Lil’ Zane: First of all I wanna say I never did a diss record in my life. And the reason why I recorded it was basically just standing up for myself. Lil’ Zane: What happened was, I had just opened up my Twitter account [@Lil Zanes World], and I kept seeing this @Fuck Tyler [and] he was saying my name.So a couple people was calling me like, “Who is this guy that keeps saying ‘I’m trying to get a co-sign,’” or whatever he was doing.He was basically [like], “I’m looking for Lil’ Zane.It was more just like, “Okay, you wanna be funny, I’ma be funny.” DX: Someone who’s about your age who you also responded to on that track is Game. Or was that just him responding to the [DJ] Vlad question and – Lil’ Zane: It’s like this, me and Game is cool. So when I heard the track I saw a basketball court.If you watch the interview he said that, “Yo, Z’s cool, he helped me out a little bit in the beginning of my career.” So, there’s no bad blood between me and Game. It’s just like this, if you playing basketball with your friend and he tells you, “Oh, I can beat you at ball. But he like, “Nigga, my [skills are] better than yours. The “Niggas In Paris” track was my basketball court. It was cool, I felt like people are entitled to their opinion.

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It wasn’t the priority on my list of things I was going through at that time.

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