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This little parody shows what would happen if the WWE decided now is the time for: The WWE Dating Game (A Vinnie Mac In Your Pants Production) Your announcer is Y2J Chris Jericho. They said I had an ego problem or something like that. After the show, maybe we can go out for a drink or something. Bachelor number one, if we go out, what will you do to make it a special night for us? Stone Cold: What will I do to make it a special night? Sable: Bachelor number 3, how would you show a girl a good time? Not with some of the outfits I’ve seen you wearing. And by the way, you’re the last person who needs to call anyone ‘sissified’. Mc Mahon’s bedroom as well, here is the former WWE Women’s champion and Playboy centerfold, Sable.

I’m sure he and his “peeps” will be glad to take you out!

Listen up, you money grabbing, big breasted, skanky slut!

And now you think you’re gonna get ahold of my man, Rodney Mack.

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Then prepare to meet the man of your dreams as you speed-date your way through 8 unique hunks!

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Well, we’re about out of time, so you get to pick, Sable, between bachelors number 1 and 2.

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